Blijburg beach on Centrumeiland, IJburg

News of: Tuesday, October 27 2015,

Blijburg beach cafe finally open

It may be said to be a bit late in the season, but, at last, the Blijburg Beach cafe has re-opened on its new location in Amsterdam East.

Blijburg derives its name from IJburg, the new suburb of Amsterdam which consists entirely of newly made islands.
From the beginning of the IJburg development, a city beach was planned to be part of it. Nothing of that is final yet, but in the meantime, a temporary beach with cafe was allowed.
When houses had to be built, the beach cum cafe had to move.

Blijburg has now moved to the latest new island, the Centrum Eiland. This is where it will stay for at least 11 years. The Centrumeiland has been converted into a white sand beach. It is an official swimming location, which means it is monitored for safety.
The beach is always open, and there is no access fee. Blijburg cafe is open 7 days a week, from 11 to 11 (Sa+Su from 10am).

The Blijburg cafe was originally scheduled to re-open in July, but as these things go - it was to be a little later.

Still with the current nice weather, it's not a bad week to start.

More info on Blijburg.

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Blijburg beach on Centrumeiland, IJburg

Blijburg beach on Centrumeiland, IJburg