Jan Fabre, Searching for Utopia

News of: Friday, May 22 2015,

ArtZuid 2015 opened by Princess Beatrix

Today the ArtZuid 2015 exhibition was opened by Princess Beatrix.

The exhibition is an (outdoor) international sculpture route through Amsterdam South, about 2.5 km long. The route goes along Apollolaan, Minervalaan and the Zuid-As (South Axis).

There are works of art by i.a. Klaas Gubbels, Georg Baselitz, Tony Gragg and Mimmo Paladino. ArtZuid takes place every 2 years, and this year is the 4th edition.

The exhibition is accessible for free, and is open until September 22 2015.

An information pavillion is at Minervalaan 1 (that is here), where you can get a map of the route. It is open every day from 10-6 (the exhibition itself does not close).

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Jan Fabre, Searching for Utopia

Jan Fabre, Searching for Utopia