Anne - the stageplay

Anne - the stageplay


The stageplay 'Anne' was about Anne Frank, the famous Jewish girl who went into hiding in Amsterdam, but was later killed in a concentration camp.
The play shows her life before she went into hiding, the two years in the secret annex, and the time after the betrayal.

The play had its world premiere on May 8, 2014. The language of the play was Dutch, but from July 2014 there was a translation system in place. This works with tablets, and has several options, that you can change during the play.
Languages available were English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch (Dutch was for the hearing-impaired).

The Theater Amsterdam had been built especially for this play, of which it was hoped it would run for many years (it lasted about a year and a half).

The play was an initiative by the Anne Frank Fund (Bazel, Switzerland) and had nothing to do with the Anne Frank House, which is run by the Anne Frank Stichting.
These two organizations don't get along, and you wouldn't find the play 'Anne' mentioned on the Anne Frank House's website.

More about the Anne Frank Fonds and the Anne Frank Sticthting.

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