News of: Friday, May 13 2011,

Sunday May 15: Ajax may become national soccer champion in Amsterdam

If Ajax, Amsterdam's soccer club, wins this Sunday's match against FC Twente, it will be the Dutch soccer champion - for the 30th time in its history.

The match will be played in the ArenA Stadium, in Amsterdam South-East. The celebration afterwards (provided Ajax wins), will however be held in the city centre, at Museumplein square.

To avoid riots and violence, the police have taken several measures. Soccer fans will be kept away from Leidseplein square, which is too small for the celebration.
Several bridges and streets in the city centre will be blocked off, also to protect shops and other businesses.

The Albert Heijn supermarket at Museumplein will close at 5pm, so that the soccer fans will not be able to buy alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will not be for sale anywhere on Museumplein.

If Ajax wins, the celebration at Museumplein will start at 6pm. At 7pm the Ajax team will be presented at Museumplein, and the festivities will end at 8pm.

Museumplein is number 1 on this map)