News of: Monday, October 03 2011,

Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) re-opened with spectacular light show

The Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) has been re-opened by HRH Queen Beatrix, after a long shutdown for renovation.

The 17th century building that houses the museum, one of the biggest in its kind in Amsterdam, has been restored to its original splendour. The most important change to to the building is that the inner court is now covered by a glass roof, a piece of art in itself.

The collection and the display of the museum have been completely modernized. The Scheepvaartmuseum houses one of the world's biggest collections of nautical art and artefacts, including globes, paintings, ship models, and more.

The replica of the 'Amsterdam', the tall ship that lies next to the museum is one of its major attractions.

On the video below you can see the spectacular light show with which the museum was re-opened.

And on this humorous video it is explained why Facebook would never have existed without the Dutch:

No Facebook without the Dutch from Het Scheepvaartmuseum on Vimeo.

More info is on our Scheepvaartmuseum page.