News of: Friday, April 22 2011,

Police evacuate Amsterdam Vondelpark after massive fight

The police evacuated the Vondelpark this evening, after a fight broke out involving about 60 persons.

The police say a number of arrests was made.

It is unclear how or why the fight broke out, but people on online forums suggest it may have to do with the summery weather and the park being very crowded with visitors, just before the Easter weekend.

The Vondelpark is by far the most popular and famous park in Amsterdam, attracting many visitors from Amsterdam, and also tourists. Although it is known that the atmosphere in the park can be tense sometimes, as everybody is in the way of everybody else, usually it is very mellow, and aggression is rare.

The evacuation was around 10pm, and in the meantime the park is quiet again.

It is not clear why the entire Vondelpark was evacuated.