Toll privilege of October 27, 1275

News of: Thursday, October 20 2011,

Oldest document of Amsterdam on display in Stadsarchief

The oldest existing document in which the name of Amsterdam is mentioned will be on display a few days per year.

The document dates from October 27, 1275, and was issued in Leiden (Leyden). In the document Earl Floris V releases the inhabitants of Amsterdam of paying toll for entering his territory. At the time, Amsterdam belonged to the land of the Bishop of Utrecht.
Because of this privilige Amsterdam could develop into the major trading city it later became.

The parchment on which the 'Tolprivilege' is written is not so delicate, but the ink on the document is very sensitive to light. This is the reason that the 'Tolprivilege' will only be on display for a few days per year.

The Tolprivilege will officially be shown on October 26 by the mayor of Amsterdam (Mr Eberhard van der Laan), and from October 27 to 30 the general public is welcome at the Stadsarchief (City Archives).

The entrance is free.

More info: Stadsarchief / City Archives.

Toll privilege of October 27, 1275

Toll privilege of October 27, 1275