News of: Wednesday, November 16 2011,

New taxi company with electric cars in Amsterdam

A new taxi company, with all-electric cars, has started in Amsterdam: Taxi-E.

The company starts with 20 cars, all model Nissan Leaf. Taxi-E says the car can transport 3 adults and a child comfortably.

There is a starting rate of E 7.50 for the first 2 kilometers, then E 2.20 per km.
Taxi-E stresses the fact that all drivers are employees (not private entrepreneurs), so there is no incentive to take a longer route - a practice often used by other taxi drivers, particularly with tourists.

Also, Taxi-E asserts it will not refuse short rides - which is another complaint about taxis in Amsterdam.
Taxi-E also says the drivers are trained to be polite, be well-dressed (with necktie!), and open the door for clients.

Taxi-E operates in Amsterdam, and between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.
A maximum rate of E 35,- applies for rides to the airport (from Amsterdam North and Amsterdam IJburg this is E 45,-). This is not a fixed rate; if the meter shows a lower rate, the lower rate applies.

All taxis have WiFi and a tablet PC, and payment can be made by bank card or credit card.
Pickups from Schiphol Airport (at the Meeting Point) can be arranged for an extra E 15.-.

Taxi-E taxis can be flagged down, or ordered on phone number +31 (0)88-100-4444. Ordering a taxi is possible until 30 minutes before departure.
You can also order a taxi through their website, but knowledge of Dutch is required.

There's one (temporary) drawback: at the moment taxis only operate during office hours (from 7.30am to 7.30pm). The company works on being operational in the evenings and during weekends.

Of course, the above information is subject to change at any time. For the latest you can check the website: (in Dutch only).