News of: Friday, June 03 2011,

New public transport strike in Amsterdam (June 7)

Public transport workers will go on strike on Tuesday, June 7.

This time, the strike is for 24 hours.

It affects all trams, buses and metros in Amsterdam, run by the municipal transport company GVB.
Also the GVB Ticket and Info Shop in front of the Central Station will be closed the entire day.

Trains are not affected (so the train between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station will run as normally). Also, the ferries run by GVB will continue to run.

The background of the strike is that the government wants to liberalize the public transport market in the big cities. GVB is Amsterdam's public transport company, which may lose its concession if it has to compete with other transport companies.
The same thing is happening in the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam.