Tattoo Museum

News of: Sunday, November 06 2011,

New museum in Amsterdam: the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

A new museum has opened in Amsterdam: the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

The museum, founded by the famous tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher, shows you everything about the history of tattooing, worldwide.

The museum is housed in two large 19th century villas, across the Artis Zoo. The buildings have been beautifully restored in their original 19th century state.
In the museum you can find Schiffmacher's (impressive) personal collection of tattoo-related artefacts, from all over the world.

The library has the largest collection of books about tattooing in the world.

It is possible to get a tattoo in the museum. The Tattoo Museum wants to attract tattoo artists from all over the world for temporary tattoo workshops.

On our page about the Tattoo Museum Amsterdam you can find more information.

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Tattoo Museum

Tattoo Museum