News of: Sunday, July 10 2011,

New attraction in Amsterdam: bus tour through the canals

Amsterdam has a new attraction. It took a few years to develop, but finally it's here: the Floating Dutchman.

The Floating Dutchman is an amphibious bus, that makes a tour from Schiphol Airport to the center of Amsterdam. There it splashes into the water to make a tour through the canals.
Then it returns to the airport.

Once the bus is in the water, it is driven by an electric engine.

The new tour is especially designed for transferring passengers on the airport of Amsterdam. You must have at least 4 hours of transfer time.

The tour is only available for transfer passengers. The tour takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, and the price is E 39,- (E 19,50 for children).

During the tour there are no stops, and you can't get off the bus during the ride.

More information is on their website.

Here is the official promo video, which says more than a 1000 words: