Central Station of Amsterdam

News of: Wednesday, October 26 2011,

Main entrance of Amsterdam Central Station open again

From today, the Central Station of Amsterdam can be entered again through its main entrance.

The main entrance closed in 2004 for a (planned) period of 3 years, but due to delays caused by the new metro line, the North/South Line, the closure lasted 7 years.

The 260,000 daily travellers who use the monumental 19th century train station can now use the central doors again, after being banned to the minor entrances on the east and west side for years.

The work going on at the Central Station is still far from finished, however:
- the gable of the building needs restoration
- the central hall in the building will be restored to its 19th century splendour
- the biggest bicycle parking of the Netherlands is still to be built under the Central Station
- the North/South line is to be finished (ready: 2017)
- a new bicycle tunnel from North to South under the Central Station will be built
- a new car tunnel from East to West is being built, at the back of the Central Station, allowing direct access from the ferries to the train station.
- the new bus terminal, with a giant glass roof, is still to be finished
- the inside of the Central Station will become a large shopping area

The total work is expected to be completed in 2020.

Central Station of Amsterdam

Central Station of Amsterdam