News of: Tuesday, August 30 2011,

Famous 'Skinny Bridge' in Amsterdam closed after being struck by lightning

The famous drawbridge across the Amstel, the Magere Brug (a.k.a. as 'Skinny Bridge') is closed for repairs.

During last weekend the bridge got struck by lightning, which damaged the electronics with which the drawbridge can be opened and closed.

Because the bridge has to be opened occasionally for (freight) boats, they decided to operate the bridge by hand. This, however, further damaged the bridge, so today it was decided the bridge will be open continuously, and thus closed for traffic.
The Magere Brug is only accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, and is an important connection for them.

The bridge is also a famous landmark for tourists, who enjoy the beautiful view from the picturesque bridge over the river Amstel.

The Magere Brug is number 18 on this map).

Update Friday Sept 2:
In the course of today, the bridge will be open again for traffic.



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