News of: Wednesday, August 03 2011,

Barbecuing becomes illegal in Amsterdam Vondelpark

In the Vondelpark (and a number of other parks in Amsterdam South), having a barbecue has become illegal in most places.

Barbecues will only be possible in a few restricted areas.

The reason for the prohibition is the huge popularity of barbecuing in the parks. This leads to complaints by other park visitors (about the smoke), damaged grass fields, a lot of garbage and possible fire hazard.

The neighbourhood council of Amsterdam South therefore decided to make barbecues illegal in most places, much to the disapproval of most (but not all) Amsterdammers.
There will be three special barbecue areas in the park, with special safe garbage bins.

From next week, people having a barbecue in the Vondelpark, outside the designated barbecue zones, can face a 70 Euro fine.

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