News of: Thursday, May 06 2010,

Waste collectors in Amsterdam on strike for a week

Starting today, the waste collectors will be on strike for a week.

The collectors are on strike for better wages.

An exception will be made for the Giro d'Italia, or Tour of Italy. This is a long distance road bicycle racing stage race for professional cyclists held in and around Italy.
The start of the Giro is in Amsterdam this year, on May 8 (Saturday), 2pm - 5.30pm.
The route of the cyclists, and the area around it, will be cleaned.
(See the route in this PDF file).

On May 9 and May 10 too, a part of the Giro d'Italia will start in Amsterdam. May 9 is Amsterdam to Utrecht and May 10 is Amsterdam to Middelburg.
More routes can be found on (Dutch language only).

The waste collectors have also arranged for an emergency team during the strike, for in case there is a public health hazard, or safety problems.