Urban Campsite

Urban Campsite

old website: http://www.urbancampsiteamsterdam.com/en/

Urban Campsite is a temporary camp site on Centrum Island on IJburg in Amsterdam East. The works of art are open to the public between 10 and 6, and during the night they can be booked as accommodation.

The campsite is located on Centrumeiland, which is a brand new part of Amsterdam. As a part of IJburg, this peninsula will eventually become a residential area. Until that time, the sand island is used for temporary things, such as a beach, and this campsite.

The campsite has all the usual amenities of a campsite. All works of art are on the site, and can be booked there.

The campsite will exist for 3 months, from June to August 2015. The outdoor exhibition is scheduled to open on June 3.

Centrumeiland, Amsterdam

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Urban Camp Site @ Centrumeiland, IJburg, Amsterdam

Urban Camp Site @ Centrumeiland, IJburg, Amsterdam

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