Horror Sinterklaas

News of: Saturday, October 23 2010,

Upheaval about Sinterklaas horror movie - call for boycott

A new movie will be brought on the Dutch market, that has led a number of parents to call for a boycott.

The movie, called 'Sint', is a comical horror movie about Sinterklaas.

Sinterklaas is a typically Dutch children's feast, held every year on December 5.
In short, the story told to children is that Sinterklaas is a bishop who comes from Spain, with his black helpers, to give presents to the children.
He arrives from Spain on a steam boat, and rides a white horse. On his horse he rides on the rooftops, and throws the presents through the chimneys of the houses.

Needless to say, the period before December 5 is a time of great excitement for small children.

The story is similar to the American Santa Claus, and it is said that Santa Claus derives from the Dutch Sinterklaas.

The movie that will be brought on the market, has Sinterklaas in the main role, but not as the benign bishop, but as a merciless killer. In the movie, Sinterklaas has risen from death, and comes back to take revenge.

A number of parents have lodged a complaint with the Reclame Code Commissie, a complaints board for commercial advertisements. The complaining parents wanted to stop the publication of the movie poster. The board has however ruled that the poster will not be forbidden.

Now, a group of parents have called for a boycott of cinemas that run the movie. They fear chilren can be confronted with scary pictures of Sinterklaas, and be traumatized.

The movie will show in cinemas throughout Holland from November 11.

The official trailer for the movie

Horror Sinterklaas

Horror Sinterklaas