Tsaar Peterhuisje

Tsaar Peterhuisje

Place where Czar Peter I of Russia resided in 1697 during his Grand Embassy.
The building (in the city centre of Zaandam) was constructed in 1632, and covered by stone in 1895.

The Czar stayed here for a week, with the intention to learn more about ship building, which was then at its height in the Dutch Republic.

The house was visited by famous Russians like Mr Gorbatshov and Vladimir Putin.
In the house you can see a death mask of the Czar, a statue of Queen Anna Paulowna, and attributes related to ship-making.

Krimp 23, Zaandam

Opening hours:
Tu-Su:10 to 5. Mondays closed, except Easter Monday and Whitsun Monday)
Christmas Day and New Year's Day closed

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Czar Peter House

Czar Peter House