The Eagle

The Eagle

The Eagle is one of the standing names in gay Amsterdam. After a fire in 2010, it closed down for a while, but it is now open again.
It tends to get busy after midnight.

The building in which the Eagle is located got into the news for another reason too: after the repairs it turned out that the house has a wooden skeleton dating from 1485, making it the oldest house in Amsterdam.
From the outside you don't see much of that, as the gable is 19th century.
To make the age of the building more visible, they attached a (plastic) plaque on the outside, saying 'Anno 1485'. This is not since when the Eagle existed. The Eagle bar has existed since 1979.

Warmoesstraat 90, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
7 days a week, from 11pm

Location of The Eagle Full screen map
Eagle bar

Eagle bar


Plaque 'Anno 1485' on Eagle bar