News of: Wednesday, April 28 2010,

Queen Beatrix opens new hall in Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

This afternoon, HRH Queen Beatrix will open a new exhibition hall in the Anne Frank House, the place where Anne Frank wrote her diary.

The hall will have the original diaries written by Anne Frank on display.
Until now, the original manuscripts were not kept at the Anne Frank House, but at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. The NIOD has transferred the manuscript to the Anne Frank House on a permanent loan.

The new hall will be officially opened today, and from tomorrow it will be accessible for visitors.

Also today, the Anne Frank House opens the 'Anne Frank House online'. On this website visitors can visit the Anne Frank House in a 3-dimensional environment. The Anne Frank House has done this to enable more people to visit the Secret Annexe. Currently, about a million people visit the Anne Frank House every year, which is also about the maximum possible number, given the space limitations.

Anne Frank House website.