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News of: Friday, June 12 2009,

Original Anne Frank diaries back to Anne Frank House in Amsterdam center

All original parts of Anne Frank's diary, and her other writings will go back to the Anne Frank House.

The originals will be displayed at the Anne Frank House along the Prinsengracht canal (Amsterdam centre, near the Jordaan), the last place where she was in Holland.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who went into hiding for Nazi persecution during World War II, in the house at Prinsengracht 263, which is now the Anne Frank House. It is one of Amsterdam's busiest and most famous attractions.

The Anne Frank House will display all original documents, starting November 2009. They include her first, second and third diary, plus a story book and a book with 'beautiful sentences'.

The Anne Frank House is glad that 'the books finally come home', to the place where they were originally written.
Anne's father, Otto Frank, had left the documents to the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. This institute will now give the documents to the Anne Frank House, as a permanent loan.

Today, June 12, would have been Anne's 80th birthday, if she hadn't died in a concentration camp.

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