News of: Friday, October 29 2010,

'On the Origin of Species' for sale on Amsterdam Antiquarian Book, Map & Print Fair

Today, the 31st Amsterdam Antiquarian Book, Map & Print Fair will open in the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam.

This year's focus is on Charles Darwin.

One of the top pieces that will be for sale is a first edition of Darwin's famous book 'On the Origin of Species': the price tag is EUR 110.000,-.

Also for sale is a copy of 'The Effects of Cross and Self Fertilisation', with a hand-written text by Charles Darwin himself in it.

There are 78 antiquarian book sellers on the fair, from various countries, including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.

The fair will open this afternoon, at 1.45pm and will be held today and tomorrow. More information (in Dutch) is on

The Passenger's Terminal Amsterdam is close to the Central Station (See number 17 on this map).