News of: Monday, July 01 2013,

On-street parking in Amsterdam now completely digital

Parking your car on the streets in Amsterdam has gone complete digital, starting July 1 2013.

This means:
- you enter your licence plate number into a parking machine (also non-Dutch licence plate numbers).
- payment is only possible with a debit or credit card (no cash)
- you no longer have to go back to your car to place the payment receipt behind the window. Parking guards can check that you paid by scanning your licence plate number.

Because you don't have to walk back to your car any more, the city has removed 1,500 of the 3,000 parking machines. The maximum distance from any parking place to a parking machine is now 150 meter.
If a parking machine is not visible from a parking place, there should be signs to guide you to one (please do not think parking is for free if you do not see a machine - parking is only free in some areas in the outskirts of Amsterdam).

All parking machines in Amsterdam now have touch screens, and you can choose English as the main language.