News of: Tuesday, June 02 2009,

New rules enforced on taxi stand at Amsterdam Central Station

The stricter rules for taxi drivers, that were announced a month ago, have become effective as of June 1.

As the old problems with taxi drivers (particularly at the Central Station in Amsterdam) had not disappeared, the Amsterdam authorities have stepped up the enforcement efforts.

The most important problems at the taxi stand are:
- refusal of short rides
- overcharging
- aggressive and rude behaviour

From now on, there will be more (permanent) supervisors to see to it that taxi drivers stick to the rules. Taxi drivers can loose their permit to use the taxi stand at Central Station for up to a year, if they don't live up to the rules.
From 4pm to 2am there will be hosts/hostesses at the taxi rank to guide the clients to the taxi of their choice (it is unclear why there are no hosts between 2am and 4pm).
There will also be 'mystery guests' throughout the city, to see to it that taxi drivers obey the rules.

Taxi drivers have already complained about one of the new rules. They are no longer allowed to move further away from their taxi than 2 meters. This is to avoid groups forming.