Bicycle in the snow

News of: Monday, December 21 2009,

Negative travel advice issued by Dutch Railways, third day in a row

For the third day in a row, the Dutch Railways advise travellers not to use the train tomorrow (Tuesday).

The advice is given because the snow fall causes technical problems. Train services will be minimal. There will be no intercity trains, all trains will stop at all stations.
Travellers to and from Schiphol Airport should take more time for the journey.

It is very rare that the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Dutch Railways) issue such an advice three days in a row. See also

Normally, winters in Holland are mild, due to the sea climate, and snow is rare. Particularly in the last few decades, that have seen a gradual warming of the local climate, snow and ice have become rare, and temperatures during winter are mostly above freezing.
Last November was one of the warmest November months on record.

On Tuesday not much snow fall is expected, but officials still warn for slippery roads, as melted snow may freeze again.

Public transport within Amsterdam is functioning rather well, although there are delays. The delays may persist on Tuesday.

Bicycle in the snow

Bicycle in the snow