News of: Tuesday, June 28 2005,

Minister of Immigration not welcome at commemoration abolishment of slavery

The commemoration of the end of slavery in the Netherlands will be held in the Amsterdam Oosterpark this Friday. Minister Verdonk of Immigration and Integration is to visit, but not everyone is happy with that.

The official commemoration of the abolishment of slavery in the Netherlands (July 1, 1863) takes place in the Oosterpark, at the Slavery monument.

Minister Verdonk is to visit the ceremony. Several members of the black community in Amsterdam have protested against her presence, as her immigration policies are considered conservative or racist.
Also the chairman of Amsterdam-Oost (a burrough of Amsterdam, in which the Oosterpark is located) has said he is unhappy with her presence.
The organizers of the commemoration say they will not withdraw the invitation.

The ceremoney starts around 4.30 pm in the park, with the official part starting at 5.
After the ceremony there are various music performances.