News of: Friday, May 01 2009,

Mexican flu now also in the Netherlands

Yesterday the first case of Mexican flu was registered in the Netherlands.

The flu has been confirmed in a 3-year old child, that came back, with its parents, from a family gathering in Mexico.

The flu is mild, and the child is doing relatively well. The parents are not contaminated.

The residence of the child has not been made public, to protect the privacy of the family. The child and its parents are being treated, and will stay home until the risk of contamination has gone.

The Netherlands are well prepared for a flu outbreak. The country has enough Tamiflu to treat a third of the population (i.e. about 5 million cases). It has also already ordered vaccinations, for when they become available (the vaccine still has to be developed and produced, which can take months).

The health authorities expect that more cases will show up in the Netherlands, in the next few weeks. According to them there is no cause for alarm, and no need to shop for flu medicines on the internet, as the country has a sufficient stock already.