Pridestream Gay Pride 2015

News of: Thursday, July 30 2015,

Live stream from boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride tour 2015

If you can not visit the Amsterdam Gay Pride canal tour this year, you can view it on your computer.

A special 360 degrees camera will be on one of the boats, so that live footage of the Canal Pride can be seen on everyone's computer.

The boat tour will be on August 1, and start around 2pm. The stream will broadcast live 360 degress footage all along the Parade route. The stream will be visible on

Other special theme boats in the 2015 Parade will be about the homeless, about refugees and there will be a special Kingdom boat.
Research from the US shows that about 40% of the homeless are part of the LBGT group, and acceptance in the homeless leaves to be desired.
On the refugee boat will be 70 refugees. Refugees also experience discrimination and oppression about being openly gay.
The Kingdom boat celebrates the 200 year anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A group of Caribean islands (remnants of the Dutch colonial past) are still part of the Kingdom. On these overseas parts, the rights of gays and lesbians are not always well protected.

Pickpocket alert: like every year, pickpockets will be active in the crowd of spectators. Be careful with your money, phones and other valuables.

The main event of the Gay Pride week is the Canal Pride Parade, to be held on Saturday August 1, from 2pm. The route starts at the Prinsengracht canal (the west part), is along the entire Prinsengracht canal, then onto the river Amstel toward the City Hall, then into the Zwanenburgwal canal, and Oudeschans canal, to end on Oosterdak.

Here is a map.

All information about all events is on

Pridestream Gay Pride 2015

Pridestream Gay Pride 2015