Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom

The name 'Hannekes Boom' refers to a guarding post in Amsterdam's city walls in the 17th century that was also called Hannekes Boom.
This should be ground of the claim made on the website - 'Hannekes Boom, since 1662'.

In reality, this restaurant opened up in 2011, so this historical explanation is a bit of a stretch - but still a nice find.

The location of the cafe/restaurant (with large outdoor seating area) is nice enough to warrant a visit. Very close to the Central Station, yet a bit 'off the beaten track'. From the start, Hannekes Boom has been popular with a hip & young crowd.

At the back is a large outdoor terrace, which is as close as a typical German 'Biergarten' as you'll find it in Amsterdam.

Check the calendar for live music performances!

Dijksgracht 4, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
From 11am until after midnight.

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Hanneke's Boom