Grote Kerk (Alkmaar)

Grote Kerk (Alkmaar)

The official name of this church is Sint Laurens church, but most Alkmaarders know it simply as the Grote Kerk ('Big Church'). And big it is - a feeling of awe will hit you when you enter the building.

The church was built mainly in the 16th century, but took decades to be completed.

It is currently not used for religious purposes, but as a cultural centre (such as exhibitions, music performances, organ concerts, etc.)

The Grote Kerk has two important church organs.
One is the Jan van Covelens-orgel (1511), the oldest organ in the Netherlands that can still be played.
The other one is the main organ, the Van Hagerbeer-orgel. This organ has two very impressive organ doors, that can be closed to cover the organ.
There are sometimes organ concerts.

Koorstraat 2, Alkmaar

Opening hours:
Mid April-June 1:Thu,Fri,Sat 11-5
June 1-Sept 1: Tue-Sun 11-5
Entrance fee:

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Grote Kerk in Alkmaar (Sint Laurens church)

Grote Kerk in Alkmaar (Sint Laurens church)

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