De Trut

De Trut

Open only on Sunday, the Trut is a gay/lesbian, non-commercial dance night ('dike and faggot disco') that has originated from the radical squatters' scene as that used to exist in the 1980's. The Trut opened up in 1985, and has been very popular all the time, until the present day.

The Trut is run by volunteers. They never advertize and charge low prices. Profits go to a fund, with which all kinds of gay/lesbian initiatives are funded.

It can be difficult to get in, so line up well before 11pm if you want to try. Mind there is a rule you can not use a mobile phone inside - the staff find it annoying, you're supposed to interact with each other. WiFi free zone here!

Bilderdijkstraat 165, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
(only) Sundays after 10pm

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Gay club de Trut

Gay club de Trut

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