News of: Friday, March 06 2015,

Cycleswap: an 'Airbnb' for bicycles

A new initiative in the 'sharing economy' has started up in Amsterdam. On the Cycleswap website you can rent a bike, or rent out your own.

The new service has been set up by two Amsterdammers, David Schogt and Joran Iedema. The idea is that bicycles that are not used anyway, can be rented out to people who need a bike.

Bikes can be rented on Cycleswap from about E 5,- a day, but some prices are more like commercial prices of E 10 to E 15 per day. In fact, some of the offers on Cycleswap are made by bike rental agencies, such as the Flying Dutchman or bike shop De Snelbinder, both in Amsterdam East.

Cycleswap has decided to offer an insurance against theft to people offering their bike on the website. So far, no insurance company could be found that wants to offer such an insurance.

See Cycleswap for more information.