The Begijnhof (or 'Beguinage' in English) is a surprisingly tranquil courtyard in the middle of Medieval Amsterdam.

The houses are inhabited by women only, and this has been so for centuries.

In the Begijnhof you'll find one of the two remaining wooden houses in Amsterdam, dating from the 15th century.
There is also the English Church and the Begijnhof Kapel. This Kapel (Chapel) is the place where some objects were saved from the church 'De Heilige Stede', relating to the Miracle of Amsterdam.

The Stille Omgang ('Silent Procession'), held every year in commemoration of the Miracle of Amsterdam, begins and ends near the Begijnhof.

Please note: the Begijnhof is private property. You are asked to respect the privacy of the inhabitants and the silence of the courtyard.
The Begijnhof is closed for groups and tours.

Spui, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
The Begijnhof is open every day from 9-5.
The Roman Catholic chapel (Begijnhofkapel) is open Mo 1-6.30, Tu-Fr 9-6.30, Sa-Su 9-6
After 17.00 you can reach the chapel via the gate at Spui.
Entrance fee:

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