Fountain in front of Casa Rosso

News of: Wednesday, November 04 2009,

Amsterdam sex theatre Casa Rosso not closed after all

The famous sex theatre Casa Rosso has received a license to continue its operations.

Almost 2 years ago, the city announced it would not prolong the license of Mr Jan Otten, who has several businesses in the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Casa Rosso is one of the most famous sex clubs, particularly with tourists and stag parties.

Casa Rosso, the Banana Bar, the 'Erotic Museum' and peep shop Sexyland all belong to the same owner, Jan Otten. He did not pass the notorious Bibob test. This law intends to prevent criminal financial activities by businesses, by revoking or refusing their licence.

A suspicion of such criminal activities is enough to withdraw a licence, and in this case the suspicion was that money was borrowed from Charles Geerts, whose chain of brothels in the Red Light District has been closed in 2008, with the help of the same law.

Mr Otten has provided sufficient information to the city government to prove there is no risk of criminal activities. The city says Mr Ottens financial activities will be closely monitored in the future.

Fountain in front of Casa Rosso

Fountain in front of Casa Rosso