News of: Tuesday, June 01 2010,

Amsterdam city beach Blijburg open for 2010 summer season

Today, the Blijburg city beach in Amsterdam East opened again.

Blijburg is a beach in IJburg, the set of new residential islands that is currently being constructed in the East of Amsterdam.

The white sand beach is a few hundred meters wide, and very popular on nice summer days. There is a cafe and restaurant on the beach. It is possible to swim in the IJsselmeer lake.

The location of the beach moves every year, as the construction of new houses progresses. After a few years the city will determine a definite location for the beach.

You can reach the Blijburg beach with tram 26 from Central Station (to the end of the line). You can also cycle there, in about half an hour to 45 minutes.

On Google Maps you can find it approximately here. Please note the 2010 location is about half a kilometer more South-East.