News of: Thursday, December 31 2009,

Amsterdam celebrates New Years Eve on Museumplein

Other than previous years, the big New Year's Eve party is not on Dam Square, but on Museumplein.

Museumplein is the square that is located between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

The reason to move the party here is that the number of visitors has outgrown the capacity of Dam Square.

The party will start at 9pm. There will be several (Dutch) performers, but since many tourists are also expected, the presentation will be in Dutch and in English.

Admission is free, but the number of visitors is not unlimited, so it is good to be on time.

Bringing firework or glass (bottles) is not allowed. Drinks are for sale on Museumplein.

At midnight there will be a firework spectacle.