Beer bike

News of: Thursday, June 18 2015,

6000 Signatures by Amsterdammers against beer bikes

A petition by a group of Amsterdammers has led to more than 6,000 signatures to ban the beer bike from Amsterdam.

Beer bikes are large bicycles with about 10 seats, so that a group of people can participate in the ride. They all cycle, but one person steers.
And it becomes a beer bike because of the beer served on the bikes.

Beer bikes are a popular attraction with tourists, particularly the beer-loving kind, but not so with local Amsterdammers. While they are a lot of fun for tourist groups, they are a growing annoyance to the locals. They are dangerous objects in the busy traffic in the centre of Amsterdam, and the drunken noises are also a grievance to many people.
Beer bikes have become a bit of a symbol of the generally growing annoyance about the growing numbers of tourists in the city centre - hence the call for a ban on beer bikes.

The City of Amsterdam is considering a ban. In the meantime, beer bike companies have taken measures of their own: the steering person must remain sobre, the amount of beer is limited to a liter per person, and the beer bikes only go certain fixed routes. Whether this is enough, remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen if a ban on beer bikes would solve the underlying problem: the number of tourists to Amsterdam is growing every year, which, according to some, affects the atmosphere in the city. A ban on the few beer bikes might not make a big difference.

Beer bike

Beer bike