3D Print Canal House

3D Print Canal House

This project appears to exist no longer. The idea was to print a canal house, but apparently something went wrong along the way (we couldn't find out what exactly).
Below is the original text, when you could still visit the project.

The Kamermaker (literally: 'Room Maker') is a 3D printing machine, designed to print a house.
As the 3D printing technique is very new in the building process, this project is a 'research and do' project.
The plan is to build a real canal house on this location, with 3D printing techniques.
The goal is to explore and expose the entire building chain and how it can be optimized using 3D printing and digital tools. This is shown by printing a real canal house.

The project promises a much more personalized kind of building. The project is also designed to investigate and experiment with challenges such as foundations, the materials to print with, compliance with building regulations, building speed and many more.

The project can be visited on the building site itself, so you can see the actual printing going on.
You can book personal tours through the website (on http://3dprintcanalhouse.com/personal-tours-bookings-1).
An audio tour is available, which can be downloaded on your smartphone (or you can borrow an MPEG player).

There is a small shop where you can buy 3D printed onbjects, such as champagne 'glasses'.

NOTE: The address Asterweg 49 is on the right side of the entrance gate Asterweg 75-141. As 49 is a lower number you'd expect it on the other side.

Asterweg 49, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Only on demand

Location of 3D Print Canal House Full screen map
3d Print Canal house project - the actual printing chamber

3d Print Canal house project - the actual printing chamber

3d Print Canal house project - printed ornaments

3d Print Canal house project - printed ornaments

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